Keystone, South Dakota

Home to Mount Rushmore! Keystone is one of the most popular towns in the Black Hills. With its many attractions, restaurants, shops, and accommodations, this is one town you won’t want to pass on your vacation. In Keystone, you can zip through the trees, explore underground mines and pan for gold, ride mountain-side coasters, take a train through the hills, and free-fall from massive towers. Shoppers will feel right at home as there are over 35 shops filled with a variety of items from souvenirs and trinkets to apparel and outdoor gear. When you are ready to call it a night, you can hang your hat in one of the towns many hotels. For a quick tour of what Keystone has to offer, click here.


Things to Do

Mount Rushmore outside of Keystone

Climb, zip, jump, dig, blast, slide, and ride. Once you have seen Mount Rushmore, head down the mountain and explore what the area has to offer. You won’t regret it.

Places to Stay

Hotel room - Keystone Lodging

When you are ready to call it a day, we can help you find a place to stay. Search local hotels and find your ideal place to call home for a night, or as long as you please.

Where to Eat

Steak and fries - Keystone Dining

Looking for something to eat? Keystone is full of great restaurants, snack stops, and sweet shops to satisfy your food cravings.

our history


Gold discovered along Battle Creek. A settlement was established around the area. Named Harney, after Harney Mountain, the population diminished as the placer gold was depleted.

Keystone is Founded

When more gold discovered at the present location of the Keystone Mine, people returned to the area. However, the town did not experience real growth until a large gold vein was unearthed a few hundred yards from the Keystone Mine just 3 years later. The Holy Terror Mine, caused the population of Keystone to jump to 3,000, which made it larger than Rapid City at the time.

Mount Rushmore Completed

With the completion of Mount Rushmore a new revenue source arrived. 393,000 tourists came to see the monument within its first year. This number continued to increase in the following years bringing commerce to Keystone.

Vacationers Paradise

Today there are several attractions, shops, restaurants, and hotels that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Close to all major attractions in the Black Hills, Keystone is where you want to stay during your South Dakota vacation.