Mitchell Water Tower
Mitchell, South Dakota

Home to the World’s Only Corn Palace. The corn encrusted building was meant to display the bounty of the harvest. The murals are made from local crops including wild oats, rye, straw, wheat, and of course corn. But there is more to Mitchell than the Corn Palace. Rich in Native American History and filled with outdoor recreational areas, you’ll find something for everyone in this town.

Things to Do

Thomsen Center Archeodome

3200 Indian Village Rd, Mitchell, SD 57301
An archaeological site where scientists are excavating a Native American village, is another attraction in the city. The site, near Lake Mitchell, is believed to have been occupied by ancestors of the present-day Mandan, who now reside in North Dakota. The excavation is unique in that it is enclosed by an Archeodome, a climate-controlled building built over the site, which allows scientists to continue their excavation work year-round.
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Places to Stay

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Camping out or tucking in. A good nights sleep is within reach. Campgrounds, hotels, and motels in Mitchell can be found here.

Where to Eat

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Looking for something to eat? Let us help. We have a directory of places to eat in Mitchell.

our history

The Pre-Mandan

The Pre-Mandan are the first known settlers of the area. They settled along the banks go the Firesteel Creek and left only after they had exhausted the tree supply needed to build homes. Other Native American tribes that occupied the area were the Arikara and the Lakota.

From Firesteel to Mitchell

The town of Firesteel had been established 1 mile east of current day Mitchell. Its original location was chosen for its potential as a railroad town. When the site was found at risk for flooding, the residents picked up and moved a mile to the west of the river brakes. Everything was packed up and moved including the buildings.

Mitchell Today

Each year thousands of people flock to Mitchell to take in its attractions.