Rapid City water tower
Rapid City, South Dakota

This beautiful city is always changing and downtown is often at the forefront. Entertainment, shopping, and fast & friendly services await you in Rapid City. Enjoy a stroll through downtown and experience local art on every block, take in a movie at the historic Elks Theatre, or unwind with dinner and some locally crafted beer. Wherever you decide to visit, you’ll be with friends in downtown Rapid City.

Things to Do

Dinosaur statue - Rapid City Attractions

Spectacular hill top views, lively downtown events, and life-size dinosaurs? There is something for everyone in Rapid.

Places to Stay

hotel room - Rapid City Lodging

In the heart of the city or on the outskirts? Posh hotel or pine ridged campground? Check out these great accommodations and find the perfect place to stay.

Where to Eat

Rapid City Dining

There is no shortage of amazing meals in Rapid. Find what you are craving with the help of our dining directory.

our history

Rapid City Founded

In February of 1876, John Brennan and Samuel Scott scouted the site for present day Rapid City. It started as one square mile containing a six-block business district. By August, over 100 people called Rapid City home. Originally known as Hay Camp, the city was eventually renamed after the nearby creek.

Natural Disaster

June 9th, 1972, brought heavy rains to the Black Hills. The resulting flood destroyed much of the city and claimed the lives of 238 people. Rapid was rebuilt along with a 12 mile-long bike path and public green way that serves as a protective barrier and memorial to those who were lost.

Rapid City Today

Rapid is constantly growing and changing. The focus of the city development has been geared toward creating a sense of community. A massive parking lot was transformed into a central park. Abandoned buildings are being renovated and repurposed. And weekly concerts are held on Thursday nights in the summer months.