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Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis is well-known for it’s legendary motorcycle rally. Every August, thousands of motorcycles descend on the Black Hills¬†for 10 days of roaring fun. The festivities include a memorial ride, food competitions, races, concerts, and more. In addition to the motorcycle rally, Sturgis hosts a Mustang Rally as well. Fans of the Ford favorite gather to compete in the Show & Shine, attend the parade, and drag race. A summer spent in Sturgis one you won’t forget.

Things to Do

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Places to Stay

Sturgis Campgrounds

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Where to Eat

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our history


The town was named after Major Samuel D. Sturgis, a commander at Fort Meade Cavalry Post. The nearby fort served to protect the new settlements in the northern Hills during the gold rush. Today the fort is part of the V.A. Health Care Network in the Black Hills.

1st Motorcycle Rally

Originally called the Black Hills Classic, the first Rally was held on August 14th of 1938. There were a total of 9 racers and a very small crowd attended. The rally grew exponentially in the years that followed with crowds reaching over 750,000 for the 75th anniversary in 2015. The Sturgis Rally put this small town on the map and continues to draw large crowds annually.

Legendary Location

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the area every year for the motorcycle rally. Close to some of the state’s most popular tourist destinations and set in the beautiful Black Hill. It is no wonder Sturgis has become a “must stop” location for people traveling across South Dakota.