Cowboy on horse in Days of 76 Parade
Deadwood, South Dakota

Once home to miners, lawmen, and outlaws alike. Those days may be in the past, but Deadwood still holds on to its wild west routes. The entire town is listed on the National Historic Society making it one of the most authentic old west towns in the country. Once near the brink of abandonment, Deadwood’s economy was revived in the 1980’s with the legalization of gambling. Today, players from all over the world come to gamble in this historic old west town.

Things to Do

Black Hills - Deadwood Attractions

Deadwood may be known for its gambling, but there are also family friendly activities to partake in. Search for family fun here.

Places to Stay

Hotel room - Deadwood Lodging

With some of the most historic hotels in South Dakota, why would you want to stay anywhere else? Stay in one of these fine lodgings.

Where to Eat

burger and fries

Find a meal fit for a cowboy in one of the many restaurants this wild west town has to offer.

our history

Deadwood Founded

Deadwood was established during the gold rush like many other towns in the Black Hills. The town attracted outlaws, gamblers, and gold seekers alike. After the gold was depleted and 3 catastrophic fires, Deadwood was nearly doomed to become another ghost town.

Gambling Legalized

With the economy in poor condition, a bill allowing limited wage gambling was passed. Deadwood was back. Now higher bet limits and new casino games have allowed the town to prosper. Since the legalization of gaming, over one billion dollars in tax revenue has gone to support historic preservation, tourism and state and local governments in South Dakota.

Deadwood Today

HBO created a television series taking place in the days of old Deadwood. Characters  like Al Swearengen, Seth Bullock, and Calamity Jane all made an appearance in the show adding to its authenticity. The show may have gotten canceled in 2006, but fans still come to Deadwood.